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We are not just distributors.  We are also Engineers!  Innovators!  We create, design, perfect, and /or improve most of the items we sell.  That's why no one can compare to our quality.  OR our price!

Any improvement we've made to a part will be listed under that parts description.  But here's a sample of some of the improvements we've made:

1)     We use only Original (OE) or Better (Heavy Duty/Performance) parts.  
        We believe you can't build a quality engine without quality parts.

2)     You won't have to retorque our Cylinder Head after installation. 
        That will save you time and trouble. 

3)     Our Heavy Duty Oil Pump holds 5% more oil.  
        More lubrication means less engine wear. 

4)     Our Aluminum Alloy Cylinder Head is made with 2% more Magnesium.
        Which means it will withstand greater heat. 
        Less worry of your car overheating.

All our engines are machined using state of the art equipment.  And our customer service is second to none.

But it doesn't end there.  How many engine suppliers do you know that offer FREE technical support?  That's right.  If you buy an engine or engine part from us and have questions on its installation, maintenance, or whatever, just ask us!  We'll be happy to help you out.

Please see our About us page for contact information.